Wednesday, 21 April 2010

"This Easter Holiday Course I stood for the first time on my own with two walking sticks.

Before I started Conductive Education, I was very poorly, I spent a lot of time in hospitals, my bones broke very easily, and I was very weak and fragile. I couldn't use my hands very well and I could barely stand with help.

In the October Half Term Course in 2009, I learnt to stand and walk in the parallel bars on my own. Can you see that the bars have been moved together to help me to feel more secure on my own?

Look at me now!:)

Ps: At the end of the course at certificate presentation I could manage to stand with only one stick while all my achievements were read out in front of all the parents and brothers and sisters!" Owen M.

Baby Finley & Sam in the garden of the Conductive Education Centre.

Reference: Conductive Education Support Services, New Forest, Hampshire UK.


Kasey Gray said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Judit!

Andrew Sutton said...

Nice one, Judit.


Judit Szathmáry said...

Dear Kasey and Andrew,
Thank You both for your comments. It is very much appreciated not just by me but also by Owen and his loving mother. Owen is an incredible boy; despite all of the setbacks in his life he managed to achieve sooo much!
He is a shining example to us all! I have learned so much from him…

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