Friday, 26 March 2010

This is a worldwide issue…but Australians make a stand and take the first step

"Parents are mad as hell. Parents want their kids with disabilities to have decent services, all their necessary equipment and a good education. We want the opportunity to create a good life for our kids. We're mad as hell about a broken system that wastes scandalous amounts of taxpayers' money and places endless obstacles in the path of our kids' potential progress.

People with disabilities are mad as hell. People with disabilities want inclusion, services, equipment, housing, jobs, transport, equality and the right to the ordinary life everyone else has.
The real obstacles are not our disabilities but the lack of relevant services, infrastructure and opportunities.

Family carers are mad as hell.We want good accommodation for our adult family members, respite and a decent level of government income support when we can't earn an income ourselves due to our caring responsibilities. Why are 80 year old parents STILL the sole carers for their 50 year old disabled children?

Families, friends and support workers are mad as hell.Friends, neighbours, relatives and thousands of disability workers see every day how families coping with disability are in crisis, and often torn apart by the lack of decent support services. The physical, emotional and financial hardships take their toll. Millions of us demand real change. "

Professionals who commit their lives to truly support children, adults and their families should be mad as hell…

and Yes millions of us must demind real change!


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

One of the ways to motivate your colleagues…

This morning I received this clip from a colleague with a request to get to work like Amy Williams did for England at the Women’s Skeleton, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. She reached the speed of 143 kilometres per hour.
I better obey and get to work.
I wish you all a good and productive day!

Emma Lincoln-Smith Pictures & Photos
(AP Photo/Peter Morgan)