Wednesday, 21 April 2010

"This Easter Holiday Course I stood for the first time on my own with two walking sticks.

Before I started Conductive Education, I was very poorly, I spent a lot of time in hospitals, my bones broke very easily, and I was very weak and fragile. I couldn't use my hands very well and I could barely stand with help.

In the October Half Term Course in 2009, I learnt to stand and walk in the parallel bars on my own. Can you see that the bars have been moved together to help me to feel more secure on my own?

Look at me now!:)

Ps: At the end of the course at certificate presentation I could manage to stand with only one stick while all my achievements were read out in front of all the parents and brothers and sisters!" Owen M.

Baby Finley & Sam in the garden of the Conductive Education Centre.

Reference: Conductive Education Support Services, New Forest, Hampshire UK.

The Sun in our garden

Photos were taken at 2.00PM on 20th April 2010.
New Forest, Brockenhurst Hampshire UK.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Those who walk the path of heart will discover...

Probably you noticed that I was posting less and less in 2010. There were multitudes of reasons for it. My life has changed remarkably with my daughter’s leaving for university. Suddenly I had TIME which I have never had since she was born.
I ran and organised my life since her arrival (what a blessing it was and still is!) with so much to fit in and with so much to accomplish. I have got used to it…in a way I have got addicted to multitasking.
And as it happened suddenly there were so much space…quiet times…and silence unknown for 19 years that confronted me in my life.
I sat in silence looking for new adventures…and after my busy schedules of the past; the time had come to really look within. In the past I was so busy learning from ‘unconventional outside sources’ which I valued enormously…and with all that knowledge, experience and wisdom I just sat there and asked; so what now?
Habits die-hard… What can I say? I found a new teacher…and this teacher in a very unconventionally tough and at the same time gentle way ‘reminded’ me to look within.
All my life I wanted to be a ‘healer’ and with this teacher’s help the realisation came… ‘Heal’ the healer. It wasn’t about that I was sick it was about understanding the inner healer and taking her to full command of the a subject at hand.
Through these months of 2010 I mainly kept in touch with people and projects, that I know very well and with those that I value very much. I am sorry if you still waiting for my response to e-mails and calls. They are on my waiting list to be answered and dealt with.
During this time I have travelled, visited new places, studied a different kind of healing to my previous knowledge, and as ususal I ran conductive education programmes and healing sessions and also I was drawn towards nature and animals. The wild animals were a real eye-opener for me. So little is known and understood in the 'conventional world' about their feelings and communication to us.
I cannot promise that I will write more often in the near future. It will happen when I will have something valuable to say.Thank you my readers for visiting my blog. There is much to say about conductive education and also about many other things related to the subject
of‘disabilities’…The time will come… and if it is not going to be me there will be other conductors…

Úgy legyen!

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