Thursday, 23 June 2011


Dr. András Pető and Dr. Mária Hári

„Volt egy alapvetô orvosi-nevelôi elve: mindenkit feljebb
kell emelni arról a pontról, ahol éppen tart. A »teljesen
béna« gyereket nem csupán eltartani kell, ha a szemhéját
sem tudja mozgatni, el kell érni, hogy megtanuljon pislogni,
és ha pislog, ez már eredmény, akkor ô »tudati szempontból
is« elôrehaladt… Ez pedig fontos ennek a gyermeknek
az éltében.”1

Balogh Erzsébet nyugalmazott tanszékvezetõ, fõiskolai tanár,
Kozma Ildikó nyugalmazott fõigazgató, fõiskolai tanár
Mozgássérültek Petô András Nevelôképzô és Nevelôintézete, Budapest

Balogh E, MD; Kozma I, ME
Ideggyogy Sz 2009;62(1–2):12–22.

Conductive education, developed by the 40-s last century, spread out in the world in spite the lack of hard scientific evidences for its benefit. There are sorts of cerebral palsies (athetosis, ataxia) in which conductive education might have the unique role to help. In cerebral palsies of other sorts it is much helpful if the disturbance of body scheme and degree of somatomotor neglect are superior to the palsy. Short term results of conductive education are to see
in the better movement coordination whilst the long term outcome is the increased activities of daily living.

Keywords: conductive education, indication for conductive education, rhythmic intention, cerebral palsy, plus and minus signs of cerebral palsy.

Andrew Sutton sent me the link to this document which I very much appreciated. I thought that many of my Hungarian speaking colleagues would also like to read it and file it for future reference. The text can be translated via Google Translate. Thank you Andrew.

The full article can be read by following this link:

Note: Photos of András Pető and Dr. Mária Hári are published in the article on page 17.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

..."is there anything to do with music that you have thought at times: 'I wish I could give them...'x'; or 'I wish they could enjoy...x'; "

"Hello everyone, this is a very random selection of email addresses I have in
relation to children with disabilities. Let me attempt to explain!

I have a cousin in his final year of a Music Technology course in the UK. He
has a final assignment to do and is want to do something practical and
worthwhile! I will quote from his email:

"I am beginning my final year of a Music Technology degree and need to find
a good research project topic. One project I know of from past years
involved adapting a Wii Fit board for people with reduced mobility in their
upper body to use as a musical instrument. I had the idea that perhaps
something new could be done for people with severe learning and physical
difficulties involving computer technology and their inclusion in the
enjoyment of music. Would it be good to facilitate the playing of musical
instruments or the creation of a tune, perhaps? Would you feel that those
with very severe motor impairment would benefit a lot, or those with severe
learning difficulties, or could it be used as a tool in others shperes of
their learning/development? I know it's a very broad question, but is there
anything to do with music that you thought at times: 'I wish I could
give them...'x'; or 'I wish they could enjoy...x'; or 'If they could just
have ...x...they'd understand this other skill/idea (etc)'.

Any/all ideas would be really welcome. I would like to begin to develop
something really worthwhile.

Thanks for taking the time to give it some thought.


I wondered if I may ask all of you to contribute any ideas you may have
also. I will be getting back to him by Sunday I think, so if you could let
me know by then, that would be great and maybe we can get something that
will be useful out of his project - please feel free to pass on the question
to anyone who may be interested.

I was wondering about adapting the 'Garage Band' app on the iPad?"

I thought I would publish this letter which arrived in the early hours of this morning from Australia written by a colleague and a friend. All ideas gratefully received.

Note: Picture was taken at the Conductive Education Support Centre Brockenhurst, New Forest UK.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

National Institute of Conductive Education promo film

National Institute of Conductive Education - promo film

National Institute of Conductive Education Myspace Video

National Institute of Conductive Education
General Enquires: 0121 449 1569
Fax:0121 449 1611
Cannon Hill House
Russell Road
B13 8RD

Note:Logo Foundation for Conductive Education from Google Images

Friday, 17 June 2011

First message to ‘ "I wish my child was born in Kuwait"- A mother's plea’ from New Zealand by Gail Edgecombe.

Gail Edgecombe comments on Andrew Sutton's facebook posting about "Wish my child was born in Kuwait"

"I hope one day you have access to Conductive Education..yrs ago we thought it was impossible there was nothing here in New Zealand but we fought like lions to bring it here for our children..... don't give up"

Please find comment at!/ConductiveEducationPress

Thank you Gail. I am very sorry that the comment box is not working.

If you would like to send a message for the mother in this posting please e-mail me at . I will put it up under Gail’s comment.

Andrew Sutton a now retired director of the Foundation for Conductive Education e-mailed me his comment.

The word retired is really a misnomer because Andrew is still as active as ever in the worldwide issues of Conductive Education.

“A comment for your blog...

A great comfort to see that your comment box is not working either. Maybe
this problem is more than just mine, which vastly increases its chances of
ever getting fixed!

As for Nigeria-New Zealand, I fear that there is a fundamental economic
difference between the two economies. One has to doubt that
developing countries will EVER get CE as we know it, just as it is looking
increasingly unlikely that the developed countries will EVER get it equably
for all, or maybe even necessarily maintain all the fruits of the last
twenty-five years' struggles..

New worlds demand new models...”

Note: Picture from Google Images.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

"Wish my child was born in Kuwait" -A mother's plea

"Dear Judit,

I came across this

I wished that my daughter was in Kuwait. Yesterday visiting ..... (a school/centre in England) I found it difficult to withhold my tears, now I made no effort to stop the tears. Knowing that my child would have been doing a lot better than she is now.
Then I saw your journal! I have been reading since the evening. and I ask;
Can we carve out the angel in my daughter and children like her in my country nigeria????. I agree that there are no accidents in life....
with all respect Regards ......"

I left the name of the school/centre blank along with the mother’s name. The Mother runs a small centre for children with cerebral palsy in Lagos Nigeria and would like to set up conductive education services for children in the area.
If anyone would like to help her and connect with her from her own country or from anywhere in the world please write in the comment box. A few words of encouragement would be as magical as any practical help.

References:‘ I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.’ Michelangelo

Conductive Education School Kuwait a paradigm of reality, by Judit Szathmáry page 77, from Internationalising Conductive Education, Reports from Recent Advances in Conductive Education, By Andrew Sutton and Gillian Maguire (eds.)

To order the book please visit:

Conductive Education Press:

The picture is painted by my friend Martyna Fon a Domancic biotherapy healer. Please visit her web-site to see her work at

Martyna started painting after she began studying with Mr. Zdenko Domancic and his team at the Domancic Clinic in Bled Slovenia.
It was an unknown, hidden talent in her which was brought out by the energy she is working with as a Domancic biotherapist.

For further information about the Domancic Method of Biotherapy please visit this link: