Thursday, 31 May 2012

Conductive Education for Parkinson's with Judit

Snapshot One
Yesterday in the garden

“I admit that thoughts influence the body.” —Albert Einstein 

Spring arrived slowly this year, or at least felt like it. Cold winds roared the forest even at times of a very few appearing sunny spells.

We had so much rain that friends started greeting each other with a phrase:
 -‘Really it is enough now’-  while looking up at the grey skies.

Then it burst in without any warning or without asking for permission with its warm reassuring breeze, colours, smells and sounds.

It was SPRING again in all her glory…

I set up for our session outside, on the lawn in the garden just a few meters away from the conservatory where we would continue  with our fruit break and hand tasks series.
After taking a big sip of fresh water as always, finishing our breathing practice and warming up vocalisation work, we took our shoes off and stood barefoot on the warm grass.
It felt so good…
I said- Make connection with the ground you are connecting to a living breathing entity.
Spread your toes and even your weight through both of your feet. We were going through this process with eyes closed.

Than he opened his eyes and looked at me. –I know what you mean- he said. 
On the golf course when we mark the grass with a golf ball the grass just grows back. It doesn’t need any special attention.

We were standing and bathing in the morning sun as I replied to him. - You see only living things could rejuvenate and grow living things like new shoots of grass.  If the planet wasn’t a living breathing entity it would never be able to do that.

Also I said: When the damage happens to the grass we do not kneel down and start crying, feel lost and depressed. We know that it will rejuvenate.

It is the same with our bodies when something gets out of balance we get a warning light to raise our awareness that a new way of ‘expansion’ is ready to manifest. But at the same time the body starts repairing and rejuvenating straight away.

The intelligence behind it makes it so. The intelligence which keeps our hearts beating or organises that the planets stay in orbit and that the sun comes up every morning on the sky.

When was the last time we had to check in your diary whether our heart was beating or make arrangement for the sun to come up on the sky?

But when we are diagnosed with something we forget to pay attention to this side of life…

Most of us focus on and turn our attention towards the opposite side which offers solutions made for victims and powerless sufferers.

Do you feel the pulse in your feet yet, mine just came alive and became recharged from the ground? - I asked.

Yes definitely now you said it, I feel it!-He said.

Let’s close our eyes again, stand straight, even our weight over both feet and express our gratitude for that exchange with a smile from the heart.

After all, the secret to life is about communication, exchange, learning and finding ways how to communicate and connect with everything. It is about interaction with ourselves, with others, with our environment... with everything.

There was a reason why Dr. András Pető called his system Conductive.
…to be continued

 "I admit that thoughts influence the body.” —Albert Einstein --- Quoted by W. Hermanns in A Talk with Einstein, October 1943. AEA 55-285.

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