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“This is an excellent regime. A system needs to be worked out so that a weekly class is available.” Quotes from Conductive Education Project MS Society North West Region

"It is government policy to provide
patient centred services that will
enable people with long-term
neurological conditions to maintain
their independence and well being
and lead as fulfilling lives as possible.

The MS Society fully endorses this
approach and a key aim for us is
to involve people affected by MS
in everything we do. One way we
achieve this is by encouraging people
affected by MS to get involved in the
planning and development of their
local services. Often the result is to
bring about real improvements and
lasting change.

This booklet is one of a series
showing how much can be achieved
when enthusiastic people come
together to work on a local project.

We hope you will enjoy finding out
about the project and watching
the DVD (inside back cover). If this
inspires you to support this project
or find out more about our work,
please do get in touch. Our contact
details are on the back cover.

Conductive Education Project

This conductive education (CE) pilot project
was a collaboration between the MS Society and
Neurosupport who run the Neurosupport Centre
in Liverpool, in response to the MS Society’s 2006
North West service needs analysis. In this, people
with MS made it clear they needed better access to
maintenance physiotherapy and structured exercise
in order to aid mobility and maintain flexibility.

At that time Maureen Kelly, Manager of
Neurosupport, had observed some sessions
of CE (a whole-person therapy generally associated
with children with cerebral palsy) and had been
made aware of the possibility of benefits for adults
with long-term neurological conditions. CE is a
movement and exercise regime that addresses
mobility, flexibility, control and confidence. Maureen
approached the MS Society and the need and
therapy were brought together in the pilot.

The project was promoted by the MS Society
and Neurosupport and people interested in
getting involved attended an information event
to hear more about the therapy and to sign up
to the project. Following an initial assessment by
Laszlo Szogeczki, the conductor (as the therapist
is known), the six participants received 12 sessions
of CE over 6 weeks.

The project was developed and facilitated by
two MS Society regional service development
volunteers and the MS Society’s North West service
development officer. It took place at Neurosupport.

Four months after the end of the sessions the
participants took part in an informal evaluation to
record their thoughts on all aspects of the project
– from its organisation to the benefits of the therapy
itself. Based on those very positive evaluations, we
are now hoping to provide more sessions of CE to
a greater number of people and hopefully gain the
support of mainstream health and social services."

The project was led by László Szögeczki conductor.


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