Saturday, 17 October 2009

"My heart is full of many things...there are moments when I feel that speech is nothing after all" Ludwig van Beethoven

After a long day at work, I drove home. It was a two and a half-hour long journey.

By the time I unloaded the car from all the equipments and by the time I was searching for the keys to my house in my courtyard it was dark.

The ice-cold breeze of the autumn night lingered over me without hesitation. I sniffed into the cold air and it was mixed with the smell of fire-smoke from the chimneys.

My grandmother’s home made jams and preserves came to my mind.
On the first coldest autumn days we were allowed to open the first ones while she was making us delicious potato pancakes.

I stepped through the door and sat down in the study. I looked around and I was pleased with the newly cleared shelves.
Recently I donated a huge amount of books to charities. I collected so many books throughout the years.
When I decided to clear out all the clutter around me it meant my precious books had to be gone too. I love books, but I felt they have served their purpose in my life, so I wanted to let someone else benefit from them from now.
It is quite liberating when you let go off things so you give life a chance to bring in something new.
I moved around the house and sat in all the newly decorated and cleared rooms. My appreciation grew bigger and bigger.

There were so many things which disturbed me during the day… things, which I know you might also have to deal with while working with Conductive Education in different settings serving all kinds of different purposes.
It has nothing to do with what you were taught and nothing to do with what you should be dealing with.
But for now let me tell you what I did. I sat down at my piano and after such a long time I started playing Beethoven Fur Elise.
This is the closest version I could find to the gentle way I beleive it should be played.

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