Thursday, 29 October 2009

Why do you know so much and live it so little?

Many people know things philosophically, theoretically, but they don’t live them.
They somehow separate themselves from their knowingness. They live in a kind of reserve.
In an area of their mind they know but they never live their knowingness, because living is somehow separate from this knowingness. And you will hear people say, “Inside of me I know better. I know what the truth is but I don’t live it.”
Is there some element to you that says… that truth already is truth if it is realized… and does not it beg us to live by our own realization?
What an interesting concept.
Why do you know so much and live it so little?

Is then the action part of your life what is meaningful?

You have got this great knowingness that you kind of worship… but will it ever become?


Laszlo said...

HI Judit,

I love this post. Why? Because I have made this point dozens of times in my mind too, especially referring to our working environment. Moreover I added: if someone was so great and helpful toward disabled people why the same person could turn/be completely opposite of that regarding her colleagues. This will be a puzzle for ever.

Judit Szathmáry said...

Szia Laci,

There could be many reasons why.
It could be that she sharpened her focus towards helping disabled people by living her true self in that situation. It allowed her to explore depth within her, which connected her to her creative intelligence and the creative intelligence within disabled people recognizes that; therefore they can exist and work in harmony.
It could be, that part of her feels that she has all the time for disabled people, but not for other people as they have more ‘visible’ resources they could utilize.
It could be that she has inferiority regarding her colleagues which she might not even consciously aware of. There could be fear within her towards many things in life not strictly related to her work.
It could be a learned behavior; her manner towards her colleagues could be based on different kind of beliefs she carries within her.
Maybe she made an agreement prior to her existence that she will take upon the tasks to challenge certain people in her life thus she could create possibilities for them to grow. Although they might dislike her through the process, but there is a bigger picture to that situation.
There could be many reasons for her behavior. The answer could be found on many levels, it depends upon how deep we dig to find the answer.
It would still be just our interpretation of her reality based on how we perceive the world.

But it is irrelevant why she does what she does. We cannot possibly truly know why people do things, and we don’t need to know.
Our job is to know why we do things. Why and how we respond to all that surrounds us.
By following the quest to learn to know ourselves, we can find out what is true to us… really true and live by them. Knowing our truth is one thing and living it is another. There is so much to learn about ourselves, what is within… a lifetime seems short enough.
At the end of the day all we have left with is… ourselves…

Laszlo said...

Szia Judit,
Your answer is a great interpretation of the self ambivalence. I just wish to underline that I did not write about any particular she or he. I raised the issue generally since it happens a lot(at least happened to me). Actually, the science of psychology names the doubled, or best to say different self sensations as schizophrenia. Schizophrenia has got a lot of varients from very mild to real troublesome level. I am not saying that we having that problem but I definitely noticed many times this ambivalence. this is my lived experience participating in CE in the last 15 years. I assume of course it is not only down to the world of conductive education - at least I hope so :)
Thanks again it was a pleasure to read your texts.

Judit Szathmáry said...

Szia Laci,

I am really enjoying our conversation. Thank you for that.

I only used ‘she’ just for the sake of simplicity, following the chain of your thoughts. My response was general also.

There is no doubt that it can be very hurtful to work with someone like the person or persons we are talking about, you are not alone with your experience.

We can try to label this kind of behaviour, but there is not really any point. Is it? Would it make any difference whether it is some kind of psychosis or some strange phenomenon that we don’t even have a label for yet? I don’t believe it would, but it is just my interpretation.

What we are really talking about here is that each ‘individual consciousness’ is observing and responding to life. Through their own conscious intelligence they interpret their reality and they respond to that accordingly.
We are the ones who put the judgment on them from our own interpretation whether we interpret them as good or as bad. It has nothing to do with them… it has to do with us as we are making the judgment. I know this is one of the hardest things to grasp and accept.
If we lived our life purely according to how people judged us we could get very confused. But we all do so at times. Don’t we?

Once we could accept the idea that we are only responsible for finding our own truth and once we found it… live by it, despite of what is around us, then we could step out of this kind of illusionary madness of our society and find our own path instead of conforming to whatever is presented to us.

Live purely by our own truth and maintain our own vibrational energy, and don’t be swayed by other’s interpretation.

The hardest thing is to realize that we both, those who are behaving in such a way and we are also the product of the same society, which conditioned us from birth and it goes on and on.

What I was writing about in my original posting, was the true exploration of our own truth and to be courageous enough to live it.

Quote: Is there some element to you that says… that truth already is truth if it is realized… and does not it beg us to live by our own realization?
What an interesting concept.
Why do you know so much and live it so little?
Is then the action part of your life what is meaningful? Unquote

I used you also in general terms. It could be replaced by we.

The question is… do we want to be a product of our society or do we want to step beyond that and explore our own uniqueness? Which is hidden and only can be found within.
Are we ready to see that while we are busy judging each other, hurting and fighting each other, our focus is shifted from real issues that need recognition and needed to be dealt with?
Are we individually and also as being part of the human manifestation of life, intelligent enough to make some sense what is really going on with us individually and as a whole?
I truly hope so.