Tuesday, 3 November 2009

'Leadership has it’s own responsibility…use your common sense'

I wanted to share this clip with you. I know that you will understand the message, which is addressed to you each personally, both through your consciences and subconscious mind… and through your heart…
Since I started running training courses in Conductive Education I always talked about the responsibility about ‘creating’ for the seventh generation to come.

Well, he has got a message to deliver… all I am doing is to give it a platform on my blog for the Conductive Community or for any one who reads my postings.

Are we doing things in a way that could benefit the seventh generation to come?

We have been given this great gift of understanding and working with Petö’s philosophy and practice. Are we doing enough to preserve and further his concepts, which provide endless opportunities, hope and possibilities for people with neurological problems?

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