Saturday, 7 November 2009

An Education


Andrew Sutton said...

Sorry, I just don't get it

It looks to me not so much education as self-indulgence.

As ever, seeking enlightenment,


Judit Szathmáry said...

Dear Andrew,
It is OK I will explain what I meant.
‘Cherries picture’…
One of the cherries is round, ripe, nourishing and real, made by nature… cannot be reproduced by man, (man needs nature’s collaboration to do that)
The other cherry is square, man made and can be reproduced…feels good to consume…
Actually both feel good to consume if you like them, but one of them carries essential vitamins minerals and energy for life.
‘Square peg and round hole synonym’.
The cherries are connected and represent one entity somehow.
The film is about a materialistic society in the 1960’s when education even on the highest level at Oxford was dictating intelligent individuals how to think (not teaching them to think for themselves, look within and find their own way of contributing)

The other option represented in the film is indulging in short-lived happiness and fun for whatever price individuals would have to pay for them.
So the question is: Is it different now?
After all these years do we know better?
One of the ways produced a man, who follows instructions how to think.
The other way produced a man to cheat and trick people to get short-lived satisfaction.
Both produced a man with dead emptiness within.
The outer is meaningless without the inner richness.
And the outer richness only makes the inner poverty prominent.