Thursday, 5 November 2009

“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life:

it goes on.”♥

Robert Frost


William said...

But who controls our destiny ?

Judit Szathmáry said...

Hi William,

Thank you for your question.
Wow! -That was my first thought when I read it.

The way we ask a question determines the way it is answered. The answer depends on the way the question is formed. Every question asked has its answer in it. Let me explain.

You asked: ‘But who controls our destiny?’

There is a contradiction in the question itself. Destiny is something, which is predetermined, already planned. Did you plan it? If you didn’t who did?
If you didn’t plan it how can you ask who controls it? In the question itself you give power and control to an undefined designer.
First you have to define who created your destiny. When you ask this question of yourself what sounds true to you?
At the moment you are asking about two undefined concepts.

Also what do you mean by ‘our’ destiny?
Do you mean ‘our’, as in yours and mine? You probably didn’t mean that as we don’t know each other so to define ‘our’ destiny we have to know each other. We have to know who we are separately and also we have to know who we are together.
Is this possible? :)
Do you mean by our destiny, as the destiny of the Conductive Community, or the destiny of a nation or destiny or something else?

Who controls your destiny? That is a more relevant question. Only you can answer to that. If I did, I would have to take control over your thinking. I cannot give you the answer to that as it would be irresponsible for me to do so and also it has nothing to do with me, as it is your destiny. I mean it in the kindest possible way…truly… but I know as it’s written down it could sound a bit harsh.
Now there is a word… control…
Can we change it for the sake of further exploration to responsibility?
I perceive control as power and power comes with responsibility.
I also see things in energy, as I interpret everything into energy, into an energetic field.
What you see with your eyes, hear with your ears… everything, which you perceive through your senses, is a translation and interpretation of a vibrational energy. I used eyes and ears, as it is easier to understand what I mean. Light is energy and sound is energy so what you see with your eyes and hear with your ears are the interpretation of those energies.
Question: Do we all see the same things when we look at them?
No we don’t. You see and hear things differently to me… you interpret them differently. If we watched a film together we would be looking at the same pictures in fast motion, but we would interpret them differently.
If we watched the same conductive programme we would interpret it differently. As who you are, what you know and what you are looking for determines your interpretation as well as many other things.Intention is one of them.

So if I wanted to answer strictly to your question ‘Who controls our destiny?’…
The answer would be: I don’t know.
The way the question is asked and as I interpreted it lead to this answer.
If I just wrote to you simply that I don’t know… you wouldn’t have known my chain of thoughts coming from my interpretation of the question.

Did you mean who controls my destiny?
To be continued…

Judit Szathmáry said...

It is a very personal question, requires a very personal answer and it is not something for the World Wide Web, as it could be and would be interpreted in as many ways as, as many readers reading it. Their interpretation most probably would be nothing to do with my own truth.
If I told you and if I told them it wouldn’t help them to find their answers for themselves, it would be irrelevant to you and them, as the answer is very different for everyone… who are leading many different path of existence.
The joy, the appreciation and the mystery of the creative force of life make the journey interesting and worthwhile. Once we learn to connect, inline ourselves and work with that energy we can find our answers.
I am a healer as well as a conductor. Energy itself is neither good nor bad. It is a lack of energy, or too much energy, which create imbalance.
If it is a lack of energy we don’t say it is bad…we don’t and we can’t work with that. As Dr. Hari thought me you cannot build on what is not there…look for things, which are there, and you can work with that-she told me. At our initial consultation in CE we are not allowed to look for things, which are missing, but we always look for what is there and what we can build on.
That is creative and could lead us towards many unimaginable solutions. In my healing practice it is interpreted like this: the energy which keeps us alive and which is in every living cells is intelligent.
The intelligent energy within the person I am working with recognises the intelligence of the energy, which I connect with. It is my intention to connect to that energy. The importance of intention is well known in CE too. This energy is not under my control (I am too little to be given that responsibility). I cannot control it, I cannot lie to it I cannot manipulate it.
I only choose to work with it. Now you might understand why I changed the word of control to responsibility.
With the intention of responsibility we open up a different way of looking at our power of work with Conductive Education, with healing and also our concept of destiny.
Have I answered your question?

William said...

By and large you have answered my question and it does refer to me or any individual’s position, it does raise an anomaly .If our destiny is preplanned perhaps at birth or even before for instance then our destiny surely cannot be altered or moved. Are we then following the dream which must be our true destiny?
Or is it a case of ‘life goes on’ and what happens just happens.
If nothing is predetermined then we must be able to influence our own future or be influenced by others.
As a conductor you must be aware of changing our outlook on life for the better certainly in a physical way. For which I am one hundred percent grateful.
Ultimately it’s My Life. And I should be able keep myself on the straight and narrow –with a little help from my friends

Judit Szathmáry said...


I think we still have to define destiny in order to find the answer we are searching for. For example if we called destiny ‘the best and easiest, way of actions for a specific plan to be completed’ we might come to a different conclusion compared to a definition that destiny is something rigid and fixed.
When we look at life, we can see that life is never static, it is always changing, evolving, becoming etc.

The quote’s of Robert Frost in my posting reflects that.
“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.”

Life goes on… planets are moving in specific orders, one season follows the other, the sun comes up in the morning after a dark night, little seeds are growing in the most unexpected places.
The natural and ever evolving rhythm of life with its abundance provides us with boundless possibilities and opportunities if we choose to recognise them and work with them.
As a conductor I have witnessed the transformation of children and adults beyond measures.
When I teach about Conductive Education to people who are new to it they often find it hard to believe what can be achieved.
I had the privilege to see those transformations on a large scale at the Petö Institute in Budapest where I was trained to become a conductor.
The physical transformation is the easiest to recognise, but no physical transformation can be achieved without multiple levels and layers of changes within the human being.
Once we truly understood of our powers within, we would understand how precious our life is.
If we could step away from the mass mind set about illness and health we could find many ways of undiscovered paths of solutions.

When you are grateful, please remember, that it is you, who you have to be grateful for first and foremost as no one else can make you better.
Everybody ‘heals’ himself or herself…